Truth in Politics

What a crazy title! There’s no way anyone can talk about truth and politics in the same breath; they just don’t go together; especially in this political season!  Maybe, that’s the precise problem—they aren’t supposed to go together.

Such thinking is a crock! Truth and politics do belong together. Their division is the very reason we look down upon politicians. All of us prioritize truth. If I tell you what you believe is true, for example, white has many shades, you respect it. If I tell you what you know is false, for example white is black, you reject it, and discredit me. There’s our political problem: many politicians dodge the truth or else lie directly to us. Why? Because they wish to be elected to gain stature and/or power. It’s not that they are evil or intend to deceive. They simply have another personal self-serving agenda.

Politics was not supposed to be that way: Aristotle spoke of it as “relating to citizens”. I relate to you a person as an individual , but I also relate to the people, the citizens.  In this root meaning, Jesus, Buddha, and all of us are politicians. Such a “political” relationship has nothing to do with my overpowering you, or “pushing” my personal agenda. Such politicians are really not politicians but aggressors, power-brokers. As we continue this apparently bewildering political season, we can easily distinguish true service-oriented politicians (in its finest meaning) from controlling aggressors. They who lie, insult others, or seek self-aggrandizement, may seek office, bit are not true politicians (servant leaders). They bastardize the worthy political calling, and do not deserve our votes.

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