We have witnessed during the last 2 years the rise of Donald Trump. But despite his untoward policies and opinions (perhaps because of them), he does not stand alone. Sixty million Americans voted for him, and presumably most still support him. What is happening? How explain the current shock to our politics and culture? Could Trump and his followers be clinging to the traditional values of nationalism, capitalism, and piety: remember “Make America great again”? These 3 canons successfully guided our nation through many severe crises, but that culture is now vanishing before the siege of internationalism, social justice, and environmental needs. Our world is becoming smaller, witness the social media (women clamor for equality, and ┬áminorities assert their rights); economic injustice multiplies and tribalism trembles before the threat of ecological disaster. Our culture is suffering grievous wounds; fear seems to be everywhere. What shall we do?

Competent leadership, especially you Mr. Trump, must understand these crucial problems and apply cogent and compassionate solutions not specious partisan rhetoric. If you realize you can not, you must step down. We, as voters, are also obliged to look beyond our partisan labels to search for who of our candidates and office-holders  truly have wisdom and can effectively use it in addressing our desperate issues.



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