We have witnessed over the last centuries the growth of nation states of which America is one. They have come, and now are going. The power of post-modern culture is breaking down its walls (sorry, Mr. Trump). All 4 essential components of culture (politics, education, economy, and religion) are sending a power-packed message: the age of nationalism (including Americanism) is gone.
Even now, the political landscape is changing. Witness the declination of individual states as the European union, the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and others prosper. Surely, the road toward “togetherness” has potholes, but the general tendency strongly favors this unifying dimension. Education is leaning powerfully in the direction of computerized instruction throughout the world. We have witnessed in the recession of 2007-08 and in recovery that world markets and economies depend on and move with other The cause of sectarianism and division among religions is losing power as underlying common spirituality gains acceptance.
One can argue that nationalism is “on the rise” as witness Trump, Maduro, Netanyahu, and others. However, these are they who cling desperately to the last phases of nationalism. Witness the super salesman, Donald Trump, who centers his presidency, around nationalism. Nevertheless, he attracts only about 35% of the vote. The forces of the internet, burgeoning travel, intercultural experiences, and increasing emigration far exceed the reactionaries who call for isolationism, and competition rather than cooperation. Eventually, we will see cultures joining forces in awareness of our common earthen heritage, and we will realize this marks the ascendancy of international trust and common cause. Let us work for these happier days which surely lie ahead.

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