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To Hell With Racism: Trump Must Resign!

Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump doesn’t “get it”. He plans to deport 11 million immigrants, build a wall to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the U.S., fantasize that Mexico will pay for it, and now insults an actual American hero, Judge Gonzalez Curiel because of his race. Curiel moved legally against the Felix brothers (notorious drug runners). They threatened his life, and American authorities had to hide  Curiel for a year because of threats to his life. Could you, Trump, or I claim such courage?

But wait! Trump says the judge is Mexican, and should therefore recuse himself from hearing the case against Trump “University”. The truth stands :Curiel was born in Indiana, the heartland of America. Yes, but Trump rebuts, “Judge Curiel is of Mexican heritage.”  If such thinking is true, it must be time for him to disown all Americans including himself, for we all have roots elsewhere.

There is a greater issue at stake here however. Trump is spouting an obvious form of racism, and his denial of it magnifies his blindness and our national embarrassment. It’s time for Trump to suspend his campaign, and resign from attempting to  represent us in public office. He has placed himself, the Republican Party, and the United States in an untenable position. If this were his position only, he is entitled to be racist, but, as president, he speaks for this nation: for us. AND WE ARE NOT RACIST! That was settled in American blood a long time ago. He must recant clearly and immediately, or step aside.

I speak not against Mr. Trump nor even his opinions which he has a right to hold even if despicable. I speak against his declaring, as president, that these represent core values of our United States. Mr. Trump, Recant or resign!


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