The Roman Catholic Church

Having passed 35 years as an ordained Catholic deacon and having presented over 200 parish missions throughout the country, I have, I believe,  a worthy vision of that church I used to call home. The Roman Catholic Church represents an accurate portrayal of human nature. For the most part, the church is neither better nor worse than any other representative grouping. The problem arises however when church leadership claims moral and/or doctrinal superiority. Popes, bishops, and clerics have stolen, plundered, and controlled just like others, while laying claim to extraordinary holiness.

Today, Pope Francis is trying to lift the church from the morass into which it has fallen, but he is meeting fierce resistance from a powerful ultra-conservative wing. Whether the church can whether this internal struggle is problematic. The answer lies in leadership and members adopting radically,the teachings and life-style of Jesus its founder. When this church opens its arms and heart to all people (including gays, women, and those of other faiths) as Jesus did, it will prosper. When it prioritizes people over laws, and teachings, it will be emulating Jesus, its founder.  What chance do you think Jesus has in this controlling church? Let’s pray the Catholic Church focuses on him more sharply, abandons excuses, and finds the courage to adopt a service leadership role in its ministrations.


  1. I think you are being generous with your claims regarding the hierarchial church. If only the priests could express the vision of Jesus more accurately we would be more tuned in to his message of love and not law. If only the bishops were more forgiving in their treatment of the clergy rather than their condeming and critical behavior we would be more respectful of their position and we would have an “open door” attitude toward the people who are most in need of love, We have lost so many people once pledged to the Roman Catholic diversity because of the rules and laws being made paramont in order to achieve forgiveness when we are already forgiven and loved for our human faults each day. We can’t earn salvation or forgiveness, it is already been given to us as a gift, it is up to us to accept this gift.

    I, for one, have trouble accepting gifts from others and now it is about time I understand when a gift is shared with love, I must accept lovingly and thoroughly knowing God is love even though I know I am not worthy..

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