The Human Jesus

We have just reviewed a book by Marcus Borg entitled Jesus a New Vision.  In it , Borg argues for a human Jesus. Actually, Christians have always accepted  with their lips, Jesus as human, but not with their  hearts. We think of him as a magical character who has all power, can solve all problems, and knows “all the answers”. This portrait of Jesus the man is not true. If it were, his life experience including his crucifixion would become mere theater. He would really have not suffered,nor be tormented with temptation or anguish, nor even died; after all, he would be divine not human. This becomes insulting to Jesus and shallow for us. Scripture tells us that “Jesus is like us in all things except sin”. Jesus worried, became ill and”worn out”, made serious mistakes, grieved, became angry, suffered and died. Sounds human to me. Jesus was indeed truly human, and rose through his pains to become our model and hero, our God.

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