The Whole Christ!

There can be only 1 worse way to hurt the crucified Christ, and that would be to ignore him altogether,- and that is precisely what our society is doing. Whether we accept him or not, we should at least get to know more deeply the most influential person who ever lived.

Jesus of Nazareth lived in an age when his sister and brother Jews longed for political deliverance from Roman rule. Jesus, however, expounds on their deeper problems that incidentally are still ours, today; namely: is there really a God?; if so, what is he like?; why does he allow such horrific evil?, is there life after death etc.?


Jesus answers these profound worries; however most of us don’t understand him or his solutions.because so many teachers and preachers have ignored his realness as a human being. Meanwhile, fundamentalists have distorted his biblical message with the shallow pabulum of infantile literalism. What a shame that most of us have so little knowledge of the greatest human who ever lived and the radical message for which he died.

To understand Jesus, we preclude initially his divinity as accepted by most Christians, and accept him as totally human. Therefore, he enjoyed only the knowledge and strengths of any wise human while enduring heartbreak and rejection until finally he suffered the agony of the capital punishment. Through it all, he overcame because of his indestructible love for his divine father in his sisters and brothers (even his torturers). No person or event could diminish that love. This explains partially why many of us proclaim his divinity. Amazingly, he calls us to his same life of love. You are a Christ patterned on Jesus the Christ! No other calling in human history can rival that.

You can clearly see the desperate need for our churches, communities, and individuals to understand and embrace his message.

This explains why we wrote “Miracles, Messages & Metaphors“, why we offer ourselves to speak without charge to any serious gathering of truth seekers, and why we urge you to participate in this website and experience a dramatic encounter with Jesus the Christ, the greatest rebel of all human history.

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