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Excommunicated! That word still sends a chill through my Christian spine, especially when I reflect on its applying to myself.

It was 2 years ago that a gentleman asked this former deacon of 35 years whether the Catholic Church could ordain women. “Yes,” I responded, and he “reported” me to the Archbishop of Miami  who suspended me within 5 days. Eventually, I joined the Episcopal Church, and Archbishop Wenski  excommunicated me. I still wonder what God and Christ think of this.

This, I do know: that membership in a particular church has no bearing on one’s eternal destiny. The pivotal question is not primarily one’s belief in certain doctrines or rules. Rather, it’s a question of how deeply I love, and  do I include all in my spiritual embrace.

Church’s role is to lead us to Christ, and so Christians and all of us must ask: “Do I, does my community, seek passionately the full equal inclusion of all people in  ministry, and reach out with  love especially for the marginalized. Surely, Jesus lived and died for such justice. Is that where my church is leading me?


  1. We must all take a hard soul searching look at our community of faith. If we practice acts of charity in the Name of Jesus, worship in a fitting manner but marginalize the value of woman and those with a different sexual preference are we truly living the Gospel? To love is bring out the best rather than diminish the value of another.
    Where does Tradition end and inertia begin? Is mine a community of faith or a social community “where everyone knows your name.” Is remaining in a community fifty years after a Vatican Council that was to reform a community, an act of hope or rather of surrender to the status quo ?

    1. Dan; as Christians, we are called by him to follow him. Church is our way to Christ; so we judge our church on the basis of how closely it embraces Christ and leads us to him. This judgement of our church must be courageous (it’s not easy to change one’s church affiliation), objective, and decisive. Surely, this is challenging but also immensely christly.

  2. Dan, we all have been waiting for Vatican II to take effect, at least acknowledge that it was a Council in the Roman faith. I has been silenced because the power structure has been challenged. You and I both know that it was squelched before it hit the street. The hierarchial powers do not want to give us a free rope since they think we will hang outselves. It was in our lifetime that we were not permitted to read the Bible because we we were not responsible to undertandj it. Don’t you think it’s about time for the hierarchial power to let go the chain called obedience to a structure that is outdated. We are the last of the remant, but it is up to us to plod onward in search of the Christ in others and inourselves no matter the cost of rejection..

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