Christ Spotted Today!

Christ was seen, and spoke with us today. Jesus was the Christ (savior). However, they who walk with his motives and values stand also as  Christs. Today, we have heard from one such Christ: Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan. her home in the Swat Valley was overrun by the Taliban who refused to allow girls to attend school. Malala derided publicly this policy, and boarded her school bus October 9, 1212. A gunman approached her on the bus , and pumped 3 bullets into her skull.  Such bravery! I apologize for my editorializing; I could not stop myself. She was  taken to hospital in Birmingham, England where she began her recovery.

Her story spread, and she spoke to the United Nations in July, 2013 on education for young females. She has now been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala qualifies eminently as another Christ; one who stands for truth and love whatever the cost. This 17 year old girl has become a christ: a model for me and hopefully for you in our daily journey.

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