The National Football League

“Have you seen the video of Ray Rice?”  “Seems like abuse of women is contagious in the NFL! What has caused it?  What shall we do about it?”It’s not fair to single out the NFL for blame when an entire culture bespeaks violence, and monetary control. Does the NFL reflect this oppression? Certainly! Proven by the annual salary of $44.4 million “earned” by Roger Goodell, its powerful commissioner. Does our cultural violence and worship of wealth excuse the NFL? Certainly not. What is the solution to a culture-wide problem? What better way to begin than for Mr. Goodell to donate a substantial portion (perhaps 50% of his salary) to Women in Distress or  like-minded causes? Then as a real leader, he could call for others of the ultra-wealthy to join him to form a coalition for justice. They would all receive a hefty tax deduction, heal open suspicions by those who suffer injustice, and most importantly, help needy organizations who strive to ease the burdens of the disenfranchised. By the way, Roger, $22.2 million per year still ain’t bad.

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