Money! Money! Money!

Therapists say the desire for money translates into desire for power. This not to say we should not seek money sufficient to care for self and/or family, but, let’s face it, we are capitalists, and we frequently seek far more  finance than  necessary. Money is our business, and we are skilled at it. Recently, when Pope Francis questioned capitalism, he was severely pummeled by many “patriots”. This passion for money is not restricted to Western nations.  A good friend returned recently from teaching in Beijing. He observed that the overriding passion for China was neither military nor scientific dominance but economic.

Could it be that ” money is the root of all evil”, and that it reigns in human nature? Further, did Jesus recognize this and thirst to transform human nature itself? If so, he must be the greatest revolutionary of all history. He certainly did not happen to utter those words of rebellion: “Blessed are the poor in spirit”. He planned that message. Just perhaps, our ultimate challenge is to choose sides: wisdom or mammon; power or humility; money  or Christ.




  1. The motivation for “money” wipes out Ethics,Morals and makes those in public office turn their backs on the real issues of our day. Power Corrupts……..

    1. Anne’s comment is well taken. Money can easily become our number 1 priority, and then ethics and humanitarian values fade away. This marks the moment when we become enslaved to some inferior thing whether money, alcohol, sex etc. Understanding all this is the truth that sets us free.
      Deacon Norm

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