Book Review: “Knowing Jesus”

We shall review regularly an important book of spirituality, or a related subject. Our first review is James Alison’s Knowing Jesus (Springfield, Il, Templegate Publishers, 1993) 114 pages.

Alison asks the question; “Do you know Jesus?” He answers that Jesus is “the resurrected one”. The risen Jesus is not some ghostly figure. Jesus is alive in the radical revolution he ignited.

Violence, which means vengeance, exclusion or demeaning of self or others resides within human nature. Jesus sparks a spiritual upheaval by which our human relationships are “Sacked” by the “risen” invaders of forgiveness, compassion and the complete restructuring of human nature itself. This marks real life.


Our question asks whether this is possible. We have the example and its impetus from Jesus: do we have the Faith, The courage and the perseverance to see it through?


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