Book Review Jesus A New Vision by Marcus Borg

Borg wrote this book in 1987. It was desperately needed then and still is today. ” Jesus was eternal;” ” Jesus was angelic;” “Jesus could do no wrong!” These are the cries of many who proclaim him as divine, but forget he was fully human. Borg sets us straight. He acknowledges the Gospel portraying Jesus as divine “Son of God”, but he also recalls Mark’s gospel  in which Jesus never spoke of  that. Once we accept John’s version, we tend to accept  frequent divine interventions and Jesus living a divine life.That, however, is not the way  life is, at least, not mine.  Actually, Mark’s gospel was the first written, and “tells it like it was”.  Jesus miscalculated, made mistakes, felt badly at times, became angry but never sinned: in a word, he was fully human. His divinity rose from the way he lived his human life. Once we accept that, we can “fall in love ” with this character, and model our lives on his. He becomes “the first among equals”, for we are all humans, and we are all called to love fully as Jesus did.


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