Book Review: God Is Not Great

Those who hear me teach or preach, know that I remark frequently on the dangers of fundamentalism; that is, understanding the bible literally “word for word”  This book by Christopher Hitchens realizes that danger.  Hitchens rales against Christianity; for example, by stating that both north and south claiming God was on their side during our  Civil War; that  Pat Robertson states the bible says we can not support civil rights legislation; that  “Jesus both wished and needed to die”. He then   reflects on the  nonsense story of Adam’s fall.   On and on, he goes.


The terrible fallacy of this thinking is that Hitchens is addressing an uninformed discredited fundamentalist Christianity.  If he “took on” true Christianity and in-depth knowledge of Bible as the author’s intended, his arguments would be destroyed; however, his books would not then sell.

Hitchens enjoys a broad knowledge of pertinent literature and his himself possesses great literary talent.  However he would have contributed positively if he had commented on the real Christianity and the real meaning of the Bible.  Meanwhile, his readers are misinformed and hurt by genuine Christianity of which he seems to have no knowledge.

Christopher Hitchens, God is not Great ‘Hatchette Book Group New York, 2007’

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