Why Violence!

Today we experienced a new terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium: 31 are listed as dead at this hour along with many more injured. The killing and mayhem escalate. ISIS claims the honor of murdering these innocents. Many thoughtful commentators say this reflects the centuries of mistrust and even war between Islam and Christianity, between East and West  This only adds to the dersperate need for mutual understanding and peace. The West surely must share much blame for the ongoing carnage. From crusades to invasion of Iraq, our western imperialism has continued. As for the East, they return the fire with whatever weapons they can muster, including heinous crimes. Is there an answer which both sides would accept?

One thing is for sure: more violence on either side will only worsen the hostility. We have observed this graphically in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Both sides have sought vengeance through violence for nearly 70 years, and today the stench of their warfare is more acrid than ever. Christ exclaims, “Put your swords back in their scabbards”. The Koran agrees: “Allah loveth not aggressors!” Surah 2,190. Certainly, all parties including ISIS could meet under the auspices of the U.N., the Security Council, or agreed-upon sponsors? Why can’t leadership call for talk and reject war? Why not doves to replace hawks? Why not open arms instead of clenched fists? Why not life instead of death?


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