Religious Violence

It’s no wonder religion has such a poor brand these days. Nations invade others in the name of regime change; genocide and oppression are common-place; revenge is rampant; be-headings seize the headlines: all these in the of religion! It’s as if we are hell-bent to to serve and defend religion. That’s not our role however.

Religion has two roles:

  1. to bring us together in worship and service.

  2. to help us love our God in all others.

And any worthy God stands for what is most grand in humanity: not revenge, oppression, nor violence but forgiveness, freedom, and peace. Therefore, any of us who advocate the former even in supposed defense of religion have the “tail before the donkey”.Religion serves God, and God pleads for peace and compassion. ┬áThus, violence in the name of God, Allah, Adonai, or whatever is insulting to God, murderous to humanity, and ignorant of true religion.

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