Savings gone! Health failing! Relationships fractured! Often,life seems unbearable. I recall a friend who was alcoholic. Despite good intentions, counselling, and rehab centers, he could not stop drinking. His very life was endangered. Jesus refers to such peril on a universal scale in today’s gospel: “There will not be one stone left on another”, and “When you hear of wars and reports of wars, [even from within you] don’t be alarmed”!. Whatever disaster strikes, don’t despair; never give-up. Jesus exclaims, “This is but the beginnings of the birth-pangs”. A new you (tested and found worthy) is being born every day. You can become as strong as steel because your energies are from God within you. A world of fright may one day end, but your future lies with your beloved lord.
Deacon Norm Carroll spiritualsummit.net.

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