Campaign and christianity

I am a voter; I am a Christian; I am confused;  These candidates are promising just about everything. Whom shall I vote for? I shall not yet give you my suggestion, but, as a Christian, I can present the standards for your choice. First, let us imagine that we are other Christs trying to figure out whom to support. Would Christ want expanded war? Would he switch some of the military budget for infra-structure and programs for the poor? Would he support candidates who rant and insult other candidates, and ignore the specifics of critical policies? Can you imagine Christ building walls to keep people out while searching for others in order to throw them out? I wonder whether Christ would forbid some who profess their love because they happen to be of the same gender. Still, many of our churches support the opposite of the positions we know Christ would espouse. Are we to follow these churches or Christ? I don’t know about you, but I follow Christ.

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