The True Church

What’s happened to Christianity? ¬†Attendees at services are down; priests are an endangered species; sexual predators too often wear white collars; and a cold arrogance has overtaken the hierarchy. Statistics say that while interest in spirituality is “on the rise”, religion is “in a funk”.
Rabbi Abraham Heschel notes that religion itself has brought this on. He observes that religion has not been refuted. However, when services are dull as in repetitive ritual; when injustice is obvious as when women are denied equality; when 90% of membership deny church teaching as in birth control, and that church then claims infallibility, people justly “tune it out”.
Every Christian Church would do better to examine the life of its founder, and follow him. Jesus taught none of the aforementioned doctrines and practices. He did teach love even of enemies, and was finally murdered by the religious establishment. Is that still continuing today?
What’s the true church? Not the richest or the most dogmatic. The true church is that which leads us most effectively to Christ.

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