The Passion and Death of Jesus:Why and How

The passion and death of Jesus play a central role among Christians, but few understand what really happened and why. I recall a seminarian friend asking me years ago, “If Jesus loved everyone, why did they kill him?”

Many years later, a deacon bared his soul: “I “get it” that Jesus suffered impossible pain, but what does that really have to do with me?”

Then, last week, a relative challenged me by stating,  “Jesus certainly led an admirable life, but he died a failure! I don’t want any part of that!”

I wager many Christians and surely others think such thoughts, and then ignore or reject him. How few understand the politics and relationships of that era, and how they impact our current culture and our own relationships.

We invite you to participate in this amazing 4 week series on successive Mondays that will answer these questions and many others. It begins Monday February 29, 7 PM in the chapel at the Church of St. Benedict, 7801 NW 5 St., Plantation, FL. Deacon Norm will lead the discussion, and promises a unique unforgettable experience of information and transformation.


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