Santa; Christmas trees; presents; all, symbols of our human affection at Christmas time. But where does this leave the crib, the shepherds, and the baby Jesus? Could these be symbols of sublime divine affection? Could Christmas be the astounding celebration of God loving and embracing us so intimately that he must become one with his children and all creation? Gifts and toys point, in the end, to God yearning for each of us. And Jesus represents our full, supreme, and passionate acceptance of this divine embrace  In him, we can touch our God, live the life of the divine, and gain trust in our eternal future. It’s no wonder we exclaim, ” Merry Christmas,” for our greeting resonates with the divine Christmas caress.

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  1. How Beautiful!! I had an awakening of the real significance of Christmas after reading this! I always held Easter as the most significant celebration. But know I see the depth of this Celebration…one of God’s expression of His immense love for me … Us!!! I really felt His love in my heart after contemplating the way you expressed this wonderful theology. Thank you again for insights into God’s love. Joe too says that you have a wonderful way of concretizing God’s Love for us! Love you Mary and Joe

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