Memphis Conference




Call To Action was formed as a Catholic reform group in 1976 by the U.S.Catholic bishops. However, as the reformers began taking their reforms seriously, the support of the bishops vanished. Today, CTA still  functions successfully, and attracts about 2000 folks of all denominations to its annual conference. It seeks to reflect Christ’s message of open arms to all of us including the Lesbian gay bisexual transgender community  (LGBT), women, all faiths and races. To experience this inclusive gathering,  learning, worshiping, and supporting each other represents an inspiration in itself.

The Conference kindly  invited me to conduct a workshop entitled Christ vs Clericalism for 1 hour. Many baptized and clerics participated, and we discussed clericalism (the mindset whereby clerics consider themselves superior) as a sin, and opposed to what Jesus taught. The theme was that authority must be present, but its manner of exercise must be christly. Many of you who follow Christ in this regard, would find great solace and community in this nation-wide organization. Review CTA at

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