We are now facing an “in your face”form of terrorism stemming from ISIS in the Middle East. People, the world over, are shocked, alarmed, and questioning what must be done. Some clamor for more violence on our side (military action); others say “do nothing”. These two are the extremes. ¬†Surely, there is a middle course, and I would suggest that, as a Christian and as one who seeks peace, let’s talk with these people.

I know many will say that you can’t speak with thugs and murderers. However, that is precisely what Jesus did, no matter how revolutionary it seemed. Remember his praying for those pounding nails into him and his willingness¬†to accept Peter and Judas back into his embrace. Is it not time for bold action? Let’s explore why these men are so anti-peace. What’s driving them? Perhaps , we can educate them in the way of compassion. It will cost us nothing!


    1. sandy; I do hope you are feeling better. This question of speaking ISIS has no downside that I can see. Of course, many will say we should not dignify their position by even sitting down with them. However,the record indicates our record for christly compassion is not exactly pristine either. This subject of conversing with ISIS, must be opened for discussion, I believe, if we claim to be of Christ.

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