Paul writes in today’s second proclamation, “All things work together for good for those who love God.” “All things” includes COVID19. But how could that be? It has killed nearly 150,000 Americans, and caused pain, fear, and agony; this is good? Yes, it can be good for those who love God. If you love God, every person, every event, and circumstance presents an opportunity for you to give evidence of your love. COVID, surely requires patience, courage, and perseverance, but Jesus gives us powerful example  from his own pain-filled journey. One could say our times of severe stress provide the most precious moments of opportunity. The sole happening that ‘s certain to harm us is that which destroys our love of God, and COVID19 has zero power to accomplish that.

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  1. God uses everything to get our attention because our worldly ways block Him from sight! People pray deeply when desperate or afraid to which we are. The changes taking place need our utmost strength to stand for or against. His voice can hardly be heard over the din of evil but loud and clear when we listen with all our heart and soul💞

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