You and I, In the Lord Are One!

President Hoover called it, “Rugged individualism”. The American biologist, Leroy Hood, stated,”What’s unique about humans is their individuality”. We Americans take pride in our being individuals, and so, many American Christians cling to a private relationship with Christ. However, the gospel knows nothing of a “just me and Jesus” faith. Jesus was not a “one-man show”. From the beginning, he urged others to join him.

Today’s gospel portrays Jesus taking an additional unifying step by praying for union with God in and through all of us: “Father, that they may be one even as we are one.” He affirms the same Holy Spirit residing in all of us and energizing us toward one supreme goal: love. By living this Christly vision of mutual human love, we thereby enrich our entire world of relationships, and God kisses us through all our beloved.

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