Where does 666 come from? What does it mean? To whom does it apply?

666 derives from the Book of Revelation , the last book in the Bible. The book was written toward the end of the first century during the persecution of the Christians by Domitian the emperor of Rome. These were “hard times” for the followers of Christ, and so the author wrote an “underground” book to give them hope, and stir their courage. He wrote in coded language so that if the Romans found copies, they could not understand it. Today’s problem is that most Christians don’t “get” it. Preachers have applied 666 to all kinds of characters from Hitler to the Pope.
The truth intended by the author is that 666 stands for Nero Caesar. Latin and Hebrew use letters for numbers, and the letters NERO CAESAR add up to 666. Thus , the number applies to the “beast” which is the Roman Empire symbolized by emperor Nero who murdered Christians about 30 years before this book was written. Revelation promises the destruction of the beast and victory for the faithful.
Today, Christians are also suffering, and fears abound our society both in our personal lives and among nations. Revelation gives us the same encouragement. Remain faithful to the Lord of Love, and you will don the white robe of victory.


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