Jesus tells, in today’s gospel, an outstanding “story of all stories”. A man (symbolic of God) gives custody of differing amounts of his property (gifts) to his 3 servants (us), and departs on a journey. He expects us to grow his wealth through investing; after all, change is the central law of life. God desires us to grow in compassion and courage. When the man returns, he rewards the 2 servants who dared to invest his wealth. but punishes severely the servant who, in fear, neglects the chance to grow.  As we age, many of us retreat fearfully into rigidity. tight schedules, and supposed safety. Through this story, Jesus is calling us to daring, courage, and life. Jesus says to such, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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  1. I believe this parable reminds us we have God-given gifts and talents that should be used to make our world a better place. If we don’t use our gifts nor perfect and expand our natural talents, we will not realize the amazing purposeful life God meant for us.

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