Be Not Afraid!


Oh, our fears! Illness, injustice, poverty, age, but the greatest of these is what they symbolize: death of a beloved or self, the ultimate loss. Jesus, the son of man, also feared death. Matt 26:38. However, in resurrection, his love proclaimed the death of death, and fear along with it. Even the angel exclaimed in today’s gospel, “Do not be afraid”….for he has risen!” Behold his supreme lesson: that divine love draws us beyond ourselves through death by resurrection into the heart of God.
However despairing your pain or loss today, Jesus calls us to rise above it. His suffering and mental anguish were soul-shaking, but he never wavered in love and trust in his God, himself, and his brethren. Similarly, whatever your fear or worry, follow his example, and you become a winner. In Christ, You shall overcome everything even death. Alleluia!     Norm Carroll

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