Your Third Eye!

Reference John 3:1-17

Sherlock Holmes often commented to his portly side-kick, Dr. Watson, “Watson, you see, but you don’t observe.”  Are we like Watson?  Jesus spent his ministry telling his friends to look deeper:  to recognize God in the people and events of daily living. In today’s gospel, he admonishes Nicodemus, “ No one can see the Kingdom of God without being born from above.”  Nicodemus responds blindly, in a mere physical way: “Surely, one can’t reenter his mother’s womb, and be born again.” Restraining his laughter, Jesus exclaims: “You must….be born of the Spirit.”

Jesus is also calling us, his disciples, to see God’s spiritual presence in each person and circumstance. His hand caresses our every moment. Our joy, pain, and doubt all provide opportunity for us to evidence faith and love for our beloved Lord, and express thereby our own godliness.


  1. Thank you Norm for these beautiful insights into life…the Life of Jesus the lover in us! This is one way We can keep in touch with you and the others in your group there on Monday Night Bible Study! Joe and I miss you, but look forward to returning Jan. 2018 again to be with you with our hearts burning as we talk about the love of our life, Jesus the Lord of all. Be happy, stay well, remain in His love! Mary & Joseph Esser 🙂

      1. Joe & Mary; we are completing a series on church tomorrow night We plan to take August off and return Monday after Labor Day with “Science and Religion”, but one never knows. My very best wishes to you both, and enjoy a wonderful summer. Norm

        1. Norm! We miss your wisdom and teachings up here in Wisconsin. Joe is earning the money for us to come down again in Jan 2019, to be with you and all the other seekers of the Spirit of Triune Love!!! I think your Birthday is in July…mine is the 20th…so Happy Birthday…celebrate this whole month!!! We have your new book coming through Amazon…?…
          May you continue to be surrounded with the intense Love of our Triune God!!! Thank you for letting God show us Who He/She Is, in reality, through you!!! Love you !!! Mary & Joseph Esser :))

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