We Belong to Each Other

Shootings!  Beheadings! Political trash! Racism!  Isn’t this all getting “out of hand, beyond tolerance”  I have had the dream of many of us getting together to start a process of educating and supporting each other in tolerance, compassion,  self-help, and  even starting a non-violence movement. Healthy religion could be a great help, but, in the end, it’s up to us to “step up to the plate”, and do our “thing”.

So, I invite you to post your feelings and thoughts on Spiritual Summit.net. We need people; we need your ideas; we need your input. I’m sure you have opinions. Let’s hear them! I have a wonderful friend who is Muslim. He was one who wanted a website to explain that Islam stands for peace and submission., and that Muslims are “getting a bum rap”. He is now considering posting on Spiritual Summit.net. I have my opinion, but, my friend, what is yours?     Deacon Norm


  1. Norm, this is such a good idea. Perhaps you might want to set some guidelines – no questions are stupid. No questions are unwelcome. We are all in this together, so shouldn’t attack someone else for their opinion that doesn’t agree with ours. By the way: keep 11/20 at 7 pm open for our Broward Interfaith Council Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. We are working with Muslims for Life in arranging for a bloodmobile so we can all donate blood. Will share more detailed information after I meet with them on the 31st. We are gathering at 1st UCC in Hollywood on 11/20, and that’s where the bloodmobile will be set up.

    Blessings, all

    1. Sandy; thank you for your response. i wish to raise the possibility of initiating a gathering against violence and for universal peace. However, let’s see what ideas others offer to put some flesh on the framework. I shall certainly try to make the thanksgiving get-together. Norm

      1. Norm –
        Love the idea of a gathering against violence, and for universal peace. I have often spoken out on FB regarding the insanity of all these guns, and I’m usually jumped on by a few – the same few all the time. And now yet another high school, and yet another child is dead. I would welcome the opportunity to speak out against violence. Perhaps if you are coming on 11/20 you could prepare a short plea for peace – if you can promise to keep it under five minutes. I usually script everything for these Interface events, but I know and trust your possible presentation. Let me know.

        1. Sandy; I apologize for not responding earlier; I was out of town. If the speaking slot is still available, I would appreciate speaking on Nov. 20 on the subject of peace, more specifically, The Possibility of Peace. You can be certain the timing will be under 5 minutes. Best wishes to you, Sandy.Please confirm

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