Send in the Marines?

We endured a massive tragedy on Friday, Nov 13 in Paris in which at least 129 people have been slaughtered. The killing is one thing, but the savagery and hate is quite another. When killing occurs during war, it is understandable even if unjustifiable; but these victims are totally innocent, The 2 great questions arise: why, and how to respond?

One can understand the first: after all, their nations have been invaded and occupied; their leaders tortured and killed; their cultures and economies wrecked.

Now, the more difficult 2nd question: we have glimpsed already the Western response. We are responding with fear (as witness talk of closing borders completely) and vengeance: bombing, troops, and discriminating against the 2nd largest religion in the world. We can do better.

Why not talk with representatives of ISIS? Oh, I know it’s political suicide in this climate, and they are murderers. But what would Christ do, and what about violence as a last resort? Perhaps, we fear they would tell us their real reasons for their heinous crimes. One thing is for sure: they will answer our violence with more of their own. After all, we know they will give their lives for their cause. How desperately we need diplomats of real courage and wisdom. Where could one be? Democrat, Republican, independent? Where could one be?

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