Religion and Politics

“He has low-energy!”  “No one likes him!” “Let’s carpet-bomb all of them to death!”
These are just a few of the thousands of vicious personal and vile attacks we have heard from our politicians so far in this campaign. Where is our God of love in all this; or does God even belong in our war of words known as political campaigning?
We assert that religion must play a role because it alone speaks from and to the heart. Much of our political exchange is gobbley-gook with a self-seeking agenda: to win at any cost. Healthy religion expresses the whole person from her/his depths. Further, religion requires a certain honest way of living. We hear that trust in the candidate represents a major reason for supporting him or her. Certainly, this justifies we,  the electors, asking, “Which candidate can I trust with my funds, my child, or my country?
Our president, whether or not, sets an example and tone for our nation. So, we ask the question, “Which candidate stands for justice, peace, and competence?” Yes, religion plays a most compelling role in our lives and that of our nation.

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