Black lives matter! Police brutality! Burn! Burn! Burn! These are just 3  of the many slogans we have heard in recent months concerning the deaths of mostly  black Americans at the hands of police. Ferguson, Baltimore, New York and other cities have seized the headlines for the wrong reasons. The question is: what will we do? What is the answer? Is there an answer, or do we just hope for the best?

One suggestion I have been considering has 2 parts: immediate and long-term. Immediately, those cities that suspect such problems,  might get ahead of their onset by electing majority representatives from the community and lesser numbers from police and government. The objective would be to identify the problems and recommend solutions through community meetings and other means. The long-term solution would include  education , job creation especially  of local projects and training of workers.  This would, of course, require funding, and the question always arises: where do we get the funding? Perhaps, the answer is the money is already there.  The problem is that we have been spending it foolishly. While our infra-structure decays, our education and health standing in the world sags, and wages stagnate, we spend billions on war machines. Does your senator or congressperson have the wisdom and political courage to stand up for his constituency instead of feeding our military addiction? What’s your opinion?


  1. I read with great interest your article and specifically the source of funding you propose to provide government funded programs to solve the problem. Spending money foolishly on our “war machines” seems to be a very simplistic solution to a very complex problem. I assume you are directing your comments at what is commonly known as the “military industrial complex.” not the men and women of the armed forces who put their lives on the line to defend all citizens and the very ones that seem to object to the funding of the military. To be sure there is waste in the funding of defense programs but it probably does not match the waste of administering many government programs designed to help the people who are burning our cities. It seems a bigger part of the problem is the breakdown of the family structure and lack of family support to become educated and employed breaking the cycle of poverty.

    1. Some years ago, I heard and saw Larry King ask Governor Mario Cuomo where we would obtain money to repair the infra-structure. Cuomo responded that we had the money. it was just a question of priorities. Do we prefer to add to the war machine that was already more powerful than the nearest 10 other nations combined; or should we address the infra-structure, educational, health, and economic needs of our own people? Additionally and most importantly for us Christians, we ask which choice would Christ make? What was his priority of the military of his own Judea?

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