Murder in Paris

Stoke the fires! Man the cannon! Send in the marines!

So we have one more violent murderous attack in the name of the God of peace and love. It sounds to me like our young testosterone-filled males have not read their Koran lately and certainly not the Bible. Violence comes not from God but from their own hearts. The murder of 12 Parisians will surely stir the Western pot of anger and vengeance. It is relieving to see the French preparing for legal proceedings and not covert crusades.

As for us, let us search our own hearts, and determine that we shall pursue peace in our own relationships no matter the hurt,  You will recall Gandhi’s words,”Christianity would be wonderful  if it were ever tried.”

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  1. I ran across a poem by Robert Frost while preparing for my sermon on Peace this Sunday. “Mending Walls.” It’s about two neighbors who go through the same ritual each spring to repair a fence/wall. The narrator is wondering why they have the wall in the first place. We have walls that divide our neighborhoods, walls that divide men and women, walls that divide black and white – oh, that we could break down all these walls!

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