I Love My Gun!

I post this on a day of  a great American tragedy—–not just because 50 Americans were murdered by another American in the city of make-believe. Rather, because such mass death-dealing has now become a way of life for us Americans. And there is the tragedy!  We are willing to accept such  as part of the ” American way”.  Oh, I can hear you now: “that’s not what I believe. I don’t support mass-murders”.  Perhaps not, but as a nation, we have embraced this in our culture.

Of course, we have our scapegoats .  Blame the Muslims! These killers are crazy!  We stand for democracy and peace!  Sorry,but we are judged by what we do and not what we say, and what we do, is murder each other and others. Some historians say American culture was born by the gun. After all, our revolution was surely bloody, and the wild west was ruled by the pistol. I don’t buy it! Many nations have sprung from violence. Why does the United States tolerate the highest death-by-gun ratio in the western world, and use and sell more weapons of death than any nation on the planet?  

Consider these 2 reasons: we don’t really believe “In God we trust”. We accept it as our national motto… as long as it remains only a motto. We have isolated our religion and spirituality from our daily living and thinking. A God of love and peace is fine, but he better stay in heaven. God may live on my lips, but not in my heart. But we all must have some kind of god, and for many of us, its where we find our motto: on our cash.

Follow the money is the “name of the game”. We make more and more and more money by selling always more hellions of violence. And let no one seriously think the National Rifle Association actually believes the second amendment is endangered.  We know it: the NRA is a business, and income is soaring while  people are dying.

If we wish to get our priorities straight and prioritize the lives of our brothers and sisters, we who are members of the NRA will demand changes. The rest of us will find out, and vote out those legislators who support money over people. I don’t  love my gun; but I do love you, my sisters and brothers.


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