Over 8,000 infected with Ebola in W. Africa: 70% of these  expected to die: worse, the disease is spreading: a Spanish nurse, a Briton in Macedonia and a dead Texan. “Fear Spreading” reads the headline in a Florida newspaper. Does Christianity, do our churches, do I have  any obligation to help: and, if so, how? What would Jesus do? I believe he is telling us we all are so obliged. Those infected are our sisters and brothers. We all belong to one body, and the very spread of this disease speaks of our human solidarity. However, what can I do? I am just one insignificant individual.

First, you and I are not insignificant. We are God’s children.  Do we have a few extra dollars we can give?  Surely,  We can  adopt a saving attitude that says that from this human trial, we can “pull together” as never before. We can reverse in our own community the murderous affronts of terrorists. We can thereby demonstrate the sheer goodness of healthy religion. A young man told me yesterday that he was going to propose to his city council that it adopt the Charter for Compassion. This human disaster can serve to draw us together and help us realize we belong to each other, and stand ready to help each other according to circumstance. This is the work of God on earth, and we share the opportunity to “pitch in”.

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