“Blackmail!” shouts Trump

“Islam hates us!”  “We will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it!” ” Either it [the death penalty] will be brought back swiftly or our society will rot away. It is rotting away!”

These represent just a part of today’s outrageous, unchristian, and un-American diatribe which passes for innocuous political parlance. It’s not surprising that Americans have unwittingly “bought” this demagoguery. After all, approval of Congress rests at 9%. We have grown tired and even hostile to a helpless and often hopeless Washington establishment. We are in desperate need of wise courageous leadership. This desperation, however, has increased our willingness to accept illogical and brazen diatribe clothed in the garb of entertainment.

We can not blame only Donald Trump as the architect of this harangue; he is merely the opportunist. We are the central culprits, for we have not seen through this chicanery. Now comes the price for our blindness: Trump has garnered such support that he can blackmail the entire country. If in his judgment, the Republican Party treats him unfairly at the convention, he prophesies riots with presumably attendant mayhem. The American government does not pay ransom for American hostages caught overseas; we the people here at home must also refuse to be blackmailed even by one of our own. It’s time we see through this charade, choose our leaders for their wisdom and competence.





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