President O’bama has just signed an immigration executive order authorizing about 5 million immigrants to remain in the U.S. for 3 years before going through a process of citizenship.  Many politicians oppose this on the basis of its depriving American citizens of jobs and that the president bypassed Congress with his order. Does Christianity have something to say about this, or is it a purely political matter? We ask ourselves that if Christ were physically alive today, would he voice an opinion, or remain silent? Knowing his world-view, surely he would support the plight of poor people (far more poverty-stricken than our poor) who seek to better themselves and maintain the integrity of their families. Would not he who gave his life for them accept them in his home country? As  for the executive order, The House of Representatives has not moved on an immigration bill for 18 months since the Senate passed such a bill. I believe we must support an option for the poor. It’s about time!


  1. I support fully his action – at least someone is doing something! We are our brothers’ keeper, and we can’t ignore the reasons behind the folks that came here out of desperation. I need to read the details further, but as I recall, hearing comments, this is designed to alleviate the suffering of families who might be split due to different immigration status. There has been enough of that already.

    1. Recently, I spoke with Ilia Delio who teaches at Georgetown University. She and others have inspired me to publish a book on the subject of science and religion and more specifically the need for Christianity to address in updated fashion: life,death,resurrection,earth,cosmos,Christ and related subjects. Science and religion have struggled for generations to capture the soul of humanity. Now, wholistic thinking has introduced them to each other not as opponents nor even as friends but as trusted beloved. Once we “get beyond” religious literalism, reconciliation is possible, and once we think of all creation and God as a whole, then wedding bells sound. Solutions are possible; hostility can be defeated; religion and science mutually can provide cogent answers to the tragic fragmentation we experience today.

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