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Greetings! Welcome to your unique electronic home.  Come right in! Sit down, and let’s talk!  All of us humans treasure our spirituality and religion as our most fundamental interest; and each of us has his/her own ideals on the subject.  Whatever your opinions, they are welcome here.

God/Allah, life, death, evil, Christ, jihad, etc.; no subject is too sacred or controversial for us. We urge you to express your feelings on our blog; we shall present ours, and together, lets learn, join hands and hearts, and enrich our world.

Deacon Norm Carroll
Norm Carroll


I, Norm Carroll, will serve as your moderator. I studied 7 years to become a Catholic Franciscan priest; trained 4 years and practiced 31 years as a chiropractic physician, was ordained a deacon in 1979 and obtained my Dr. of Ministry degree in 1994. I retain one Doctorate degree (D.Min.)  in Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation.

I have preached over 200 parish encounters in churches throughout the US  for 16 years, and published my first book, Miracles, Messages, & Metaphors in 2010. Therein, one learns how to interpret the bible easily and accurately, and be amazed at its wondrous wisdom.

Our site has 5 sections: Spotlighting Christ:  Where we give Jesus the attention he truly deserves.  The Book: Where you can enjoy and order our book, “Miracles, Messages, & Metaphors”.  Bible Blog: Discuss the most influential passages from the bible or experiences. Reviews and Meditations  Events: Scheduling Norm for a Dynamic impacting retreat (Without cost) in your Community.  Please remember to participate in our Blog and Links.


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